The Office of Economic and Community Development administers federal and state funded Community and Economic Development Programs for the City of Cambridge, and also on behalf of Guernsey County. The mission of the Economic and Community Development Department is help to provide quality housing, community and economic development opportunities to include disadvantaged families, address community development needs with a particular urgency that pose an immediate threat to health and welfare of our communities, further Fair Housing compliance, and to aid in the elimination of slum and blight, in the City of Cambridge and Guernsey County.

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2nd Public Hearing 


  • Grant Writing and implementation for the City of Cambridge and Guernsey County Commissioners for rehabilitation and construction of housing, infrastructure upgrades/replacement, park improvements, demolition of vacant residential structures
  • Fair Housing Counseling, Tenant/Landlord Counseling for City of Cambridge and Guernsey County
  • Cambridge Community Gardens

Economic Development Contact Info

Director: Brandon M. Hines



Assistant Director: Melissa Swingle


Inspector: Jack P. McElroy


Office Clerk: Jody J. Sarkiewicz

Fair Housing Coordinator:  Melissa Swingle


Office hours:
Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

: (740) 439-5491