Mission Statement

The mission of the Fair Housing Program, is to eliminate housing discrimination and ensure equal housing opportunity for all people in our region. Specifically, the Program seeks to eliminate housing discrimination against all persons because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, familial status, or any other characteristic protected under state or local laws. In furthering this goal, the Fair Housing Program engages in activities designed to encourage fair housing practices through educational efforts; assists person who believe they have been victims of housing discrimination; identifies barriers to fair housing in order to help counteract and eliminate discriminatory housing practices; works with elected and government representatives to protect and improve fair housing laws; and takes all appropriate and necessary action to ensure that fair housing laws are properly and fairly enforced throughout Guernsey County.

Vision Statement

The Fair Housing Program recognizes the importance of “home” as a component of the American dream. We envision a country free of housing discrimination where every individual, group and community enjoys equal housing opportunity and access in a bias-free and open housing market. We envision a country where integrated neighborhoods are the norm, and private and public sectors guarantee civil rights in an open and barrier-free community committed to healing the history of discrimination in America.


The program offers education and outreach in the areas of discrimination when renting or purchasing a home, purchasing homeowners insurance, and other housing related areas. Also offered is Diversity Training in schools, ADA and Handicap Compliance sessions, Lending Fairs, Tenant/Landlord Law Sessions, Veteran’s Rights, and other training.

The program seeks to educate the public on Federal and State Fair Housing Laws, as well as the Ohio Tenant/Landlord Law, to remedy situations where the law has not been followed. The City of Cambridge passed a Fair Housing Ordinance, guaranteeing that the protected classes do have rights within the City. The Program is an excellent source of referral, to ensure that your housing concerns and questions get resolved and answered.

Contact Evelyn King, Fair Housing Coordinator, at 740-439-5491.


Fair Housing is Your Right



Ohio Civil Rights Commission, 1-800-278-7101www.crc.ohio.gov

Southeastern Ohio Legal Services, New Philadelphia Office, 1-800-686-3670 — Must income qualify