Business Information

Because Cambridge is located on four U.S. highways, more than half of our country’s consumers and two-thirds of our nations manufacturers and service providers are within one days drive of our city. U.S. I-77 extends from Cleveland and south through Charlotte, NC, U.S. 22 from Pittsburgh to Cincinnati and the Southwest; and I-70 (Historic U.S. 40) the National Highway, from Washington, DC through Indianapolis and on to the West Coast.

Cambridge is positioned at the crossroads of Interstate 70 and 77, which provides uninterrupted travel from coast to coast and border to border.

Industry is diversified and has experienced a sound and steady growth here. Labor-management relations have a record of friendly cooperation. Chief industries of the city and surrounding territory include manufacturing and shipping as well as principal manufactured products. These encompass 49 manufacturing establishments, producing to the value of $80 million annually – total industrial payroll is $208,000,000. Principal manufactured products include paints, electronics (computing system), glass products, plastics, machine mine tools, ceramics, wood products, electric motors, tools and dies, metal alloys.

The newest development for business around Cambridge is the D.O. Hall Business Center, a brand new commerce park. Located adjacent to the Cambridge Municipal Airport, this 133 acre site offers many advantages for prospective developers.