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Social security benefits, Pension income, welfare payments, military, state unemployment, workers compensation, interest, and dividends are not subject to city tax.

The Cambridge Income Tax Office has a drop box on the front of the municipal building next to the door.

The requirement for you to estimate your tax and make quarterly tax payments is $200 or more annually.

You can schedule an appointment to have a member of our staff show you how to prepare your Cambridge City Tax Return free of charge - walk-in service is also available.

Cambridge has mandatory registration.  All Cambridge residents age 18 or older are required to register with the Cambridge Tax Office.  Individual Registration Questionnaire and Tax forms are available on the Tax Forms   page.  You may also register by calling the Office at 740-439-2355.

If you are a Cambridge Resident age 18 or older you must register.

For the tax year beginning January 1, 2017:

The interest rate on unpaid taxes will be 6% per annum, or 0.50% per month plus Federal Short Term Rate.

For the tax year beginning January 1, 2016:

The interest rate on unpaid taxes will be 5% per annum, or 0.417% per month plus Federal Short Term Rate.

The late filing fee of annul returns is $25 per month up to $150 per year.

The late payment is a one-time assessment per return of 15% of the amount not paid timely.

Income Tax forms, registration and information are available on the web site at

The address of the office is in the Cambridge Municipal Building at:

Cambridge City Income Tax Department

828 Wheeling Avenue

Cambridge OH  43725

Treasurer Contact Info

Treasurer: Michael A Sikora CPA

Tax Administrator: Terra L. Chuich

Deputy Tax Administrator: Brandi J. Hinkle

Phone: (740) 439-2355
Fax: (740) 435-0149

City Administration Building
828 Wheeling Avenue
Cambridge, OH 43725

Office hours:
Monday through Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm


City Hall Map