The City of Cambridge owns and maintains three cemeteries within the City of Cambridge. The Founders Cemetary, the Northwood Cemetary and the City Cemetery (formerly South Cemetery). While the burial records for Northwood Cemetery are current and up to date, unfortunately, the records for Founder’s and the City Cemetery are not as complete. To obtain burial information, or a map of Northwood, you can access the links and information below. To obtain information for either Founder’s or the City Cemetery, you may contact the cemetery office at the phone number listed to schedule an appointment to view the records.

Foreman James Green and his staff, Tom Bishard and Skip Wetherell maintain all three cemeteries year


Burial Records
Assignment of Burial Rights
Northwood Cemetery Map

Chamber of Commerce
Extension Office
More Area Links

  • Veterans Section
  • Old Mausoleum
  • Old 8th St Rd entrance
  • Northwood walking trail
  • New Veterans Section
  • New Mausoleum
  • New Garage Construction
  • Memorial tree
  • Mausoleum Wall
  • Mausoleum Niches
  • Inside Mausoleum facing South
  • Inside Mausoleum Facing North
  • 10th St Archway
  • 8th St Rd Gate
  • 8th St Rd Fence

Cemetery Contact Info

Foreman: James Green
Telephone: (740)-432-3210
Fax: (740)-432-3210
E-mail: northwood@cambridgeoh.org


Office hours available by appointment, please call the number above.

Cemetery Address

City Administration Building
Cemetery Department
1131 Steubenville Ave.
Cambridge, Ohio 43725

Northwood Cemetery Office
1399 N. 10th Street
Cambridge, Ohio 43725

Cemetery Office Map