Armory Rental

Armory Rental Information

Cambridge City Parks Department
*In case of emergency please call (740) 680-4401*


Armory Rental $30 per hour + $10 Dining Room charge (2 hour minimum)
3 hour Armory Rental & Bounce House $275
All Day Rental $250 (without tarp)
Conference Room $15 per hour (2 hour minimum)
Tarp Fee

$100 (one time fee – per event)

A deposit of ¼ the total rental fee is due within 48 hours of making the reservation. If you fail to make this deposit within the allotted time your reservation may be cancelled without notice. Final payments must be paid no less than 2 business days prior to the reservation. No exceptions!

Armory Rules:

1.    Alcohol is NOT permitted on any park premises.
2.    Please do not use any tape or other fasteners to hang anything to the walls or floors without first getting permission from park personnel.
3.    There is a mop, broom and dust pan in the janitor’s closet by the water fountain.  Please clean up any wet spills or major messes immediately.
4.    The gym is designed for basketball ONLY. Do not play with, or allow children to play with, footballs, kick-balls, baseballs, softballs, etc.  These items can not only damage the premises but can also cause dangerous situations.
5.    Do not allow anyone to move tables, chairs or other items into the gym unless you have paid to have the floor covered with the tarp.
6.    You are responsible for the people who have attended your event. Please be sure to have children under direct adult supervision at all times.
7.    No balls are permitted in the dining room.  
8.    If you are going to use confetti or glitter, you must first provide a sample to, and get permission from, park personnel.
9.    If you are doing crafts projects involving glue, paint or markers you must provide a cover for all tables or other areas used. Any spills must be cleaned up immediately.  Only washable water based glue, paint or markers are permitted.
10.    Food and drinks must stay in the dining room.
11.    Do not wear any streets shoes, dress shoes etc. on the gym floor.
12.    If you are unsure whether or not you are able to do something seek park personnel immediately before making a final decision.  
13.    We reserve the right to change any rules at the time of your reservation due to unforeseen circumstances.


You are held responsible for any and all damages that may occur at the time of your rental. Should there be a necessary repair you will be contacted by a Park employee within 24 hours, or the following business day, of your rental. You must pay for any and all repairs in full to the Cambridge Parks Department.

Parks Contact Information

Parks Superintendent:Mike Edwards

Administrative Assistant: Mindy Carpenter
Foreman: Marty Matthews

Office hours:     Monday - Friday
  8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

: (740) 432-3287
Fax: (740) 435-4216
Afterhours Emergency Contact: (740) 680-4401

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Parks Address


1101 McFarland Drive
Cambridge, OH 43725